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Thanks to Mone for giving me cool ideas and lending me his cat pickle (it's hidden on the site somewhere...)

Credits to id Software for various Commander Keen and Doom related graphics

Credits to nightmargin and Future Cat Games for various OneShot related graphics

Credits to Aavolicis for the Spinning Niko Fumo gif

Credits to the Internet Archive (more specifically gifcities) for various gifs scattered on the site

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Credits to sadgrl for making my life a LOT easier thanks to their html cheat sheet

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To Loaf, the best friend i could ever ask for. thanks for everything!
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To Mone, a really awesome and funny person that makes my time online much more enjoyable!
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To tenti valens, a creative and talented person always ready to share their latest works!

To goatwithagun, a great artist with a beautiful and adorable style!
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